Discount Brokers:

Some companies will offer to list your property at a discounted commission.  Selling a property is a huge decision and you need the experience of an expert to maximize your sale.  Would you use a discount physician, dentist, mechanic or electrician?  Of course not!  Then why would you ever consider using a discount Realtor?  You deserve better, don't sell yourself short!

Limited Service:

Limited service is exactly what it sounds like, LIMITED!  Have you ever tried to tackle a project on your own and halfway through you realized you were in way over your head?  If this happens while selling a property you could find yourself losing thousands of dollars or entangled in a messy lawsuit. 

Real Time Realty: Full Service!

We are experts in all Wisconsin Broker approved contracts, which includes the offer to purchase, addendums, required lead paint disclosure, notices, amendments, and much more.  We have reviewed thousands of title reports, appraisals, flood certifications and we have attended countless home inspections.  Our market knowledge and experience will maximize your bottom line. 

To accurately determine the value of a property you must look at the actual properties currently for sale and recently sold in your area.  Real Time Realty will provide you with a free Comparative Market Analysis.  This is a detailed report, which shows comparable properties in your area that are currently for sale or recently sold. 

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