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Dear Customer,

​Thank you for taking your time to visit our website!  ​I'd like to take this opportunity ​to explain who
​we are and why you should work with ​Real Time Realty.

My wife, Becky, and I have been buying, selling and managing real estate in the Milwaukee area since 1997.  We are high school sweet hearts and met at Pius XI.  We also both graduated from Marquette University's Business School and took every single class together all four years!

Becky and I had a unique and amazing college experience.  Although we were young and approaching our freshmen year at a difficult college, we took on a large challenge and purchased a twelve unit apartment complex to live in and renovate.  We were young and ambitious and confident we could take on the responsibility.  A few weeks into our first semester we had an extra surprise.  Becky was pregnant!  We had our final exam for our freshman year and she had our son Joe, Jr. the very next day!  We did not miss a beat and continued full time classes the very next fall.

During our sophomore year we negotiated and purchased a duplex to raise our son and start our family.  We know first hand the excitement and joy that goes into buying a new home!  We also realize the tremendous amount of work and details that go into a purchase.  As students, we began to focus heavily on all courses related to negotiations, contracts and law.  During our junior year we purchased a twenty-two unit complex and during our senior year we purchased another twelve unit complex!  

After graduating I became a home loan officer and Becky became a Realtor with Remax.  I learned everything there is to know about the mortgage industry. I would pre-approve our customers and Becky would find their home.  In 2005 we welcomed Haley Angel into our family and purchased a single family home in Greenfield for our growing family.

For close to ten years now, we have used our knowledge and experience to help others buy and sell real estate.  In 2009 we decided to take it a step further.  On the 4th of July, 2009, we filed the paperwork online to start Real Time Realty!  We started this website to help customers search for any property on the market, save and organize their searches and sign up for Real Time email updates of any new properties.  We have many great tools to help throughout the process.  However, more important than anything, we have a tremendous amount of experience and treat each transaction as the most important in the world.  We maintain the highest level of morals, values and ethics and will do everything we can to provide real customers service.  For more information, please click below for the top reasons to work with Real Time Realty. 

Thank you!

Joe Casper, Sr.

From the desk of Broker Owner, Joe Casper, Sr.
The Casper Family
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